April 2024 newsletter

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Are you age 16 -30 and interested in influencing the local health and care system?

The next round of recruitment for system influencers will start in May 2024.   >> Read more

Martha’s Rule gives patients, families, carers and staff access to a rapid review from a separate care team

Martha Mills died in 2021 after developing sepsis in hospital. Martha’s family’s concerns about her deteriorating condition were not responded to promptly. In response the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and NHS England committed to implement ‘Martha’s Rule’; to ensure the vitally important concerns of the patient and those who know the patient best are listened to and acted upon.  

Free support for women who have experienced abuse, to recover their mental health

You My Sister supports women who have experienced abuse to recover their mental health.

They are taking enrolments now for their next 6 week support course. The course gives women the tools to better manage their own mental health >> Read more

Consultation on a new home to school travel policy

Hackney’s new policy will, where possible, encourage pupils and students with SEND aged 16 or more to gain greater independence, and include proposals such as independent travel training, more pick up points, personal travel budgets, cash payments and reimbursements. >> Read more

What the new dental recovery plan means for you

On 7 February 2024 the Government published a dental care recovery plan.The plan proposes a variety of initiatives, backed by £200m of Government funding, to offer up to 2.5m appointments to people across England.  >> Read more

What patients want: a vision for the NHS in 2030

Using experiences of care from over 10 million people collected over the past ten years, Healthwatch England have a vision for the NHS in 2030. Find out they think the NHS should be in six years and how it can get there.  >> Click here

Mental health services score poorly for cleanliness and food quality

Patient-led assessments of the care environment data, produced by teams of assessors, at least half of whom are patients or members of the public, found that East London Foundation Trust had one of the worse scores for cleanliness and food quality.  >> Read more