Our appointment system and how best to use it

The system for contacting a GP/Advanced Nurse Practitioner/Physicians Associate

We use an on the day system.  This means that you get an appointment on the day you send us an AskmyGP message or call the surgery.  We have a cut off time of 1pm Monday – Friday so that we can deal with all requests that come through.  If the appointments are full we may close AskmyGP earlier and accept only urgent medical problems via the phone. We are closed Saturday and Sunday but can offer hub appointments if you prefer a weekend/evening appointment.

If you feel it is an emergency and need an appointment that day but it is after 1pm, you can still call the surgery as we do have a clinician triaging all of the queries from 9am -6.30pm Monday to Friday. 

During less busy times of the year, we do often have appointments right up until the end of the day so you may still be allocated a clinician slot after 1pm if you have not specified that you would want a contact the following day.

How to use the system effectively

If you want an appointment tomorrow contact us after 1pm today and before 1pm tomorrow. If you want an appointment today you should have contacted us by 1pm today.

Obviously as with any system the later you contact us the less likely you are to be allocated the clinician you want/a call at the time you want, as there are a finite number of appointments.

Please DO NOT click on ‘ASAP’ for when you want the contact, as often we find that patients can’t take the call when we try.  It is really important that you tell us exactly when you will be able to take a call. We shall only try twice and if you miss two calls in a day you will not be allocated another appointment that day.  

Please make sure we have your up to date contact details.

It really helps us if you tell us who your usual clinician is or who has been dealing with your current issue, so we can ensure you speak to the same person which ensures that you get the best care.

Please DO NOT send a message requesting an appointment with the GP/ANP/PA on a future date as this will be rejected; we do not offer future GP/ANP/PA appointments as we often find that the issue has resolved, patients are no longer available and often do not attend which is a waste of a precious appointment.

Please DO send us requests to see the nurse/pharmacist/HCA/for a blood test in advance as these are booked in advance.

Further Information

Fit / Sick Notes

We are unable to issue fit notes early as our system does not allow for this, please request a fit note on the day it is due. You also need to have completed your first 7 days self-certification prior to us issuing a fit note; details on this can be found here.

A self-certification form can be found here.

Nurse / HCA/Pharmacist Appointments

If you need a nurse appointment, review with the practice pharmacist, social prescriber, health and wellbeing coach please do send a message at any time.

Wider PCN Team

We have lots of new members of our wider team, the Primary Care Network (PCN).

This means that we have access to lots of new roles, such as pharmacists, social prescribers, a health and wellbeing coach to name just a few. This will mean that you may get an appointment with someone other than a GP if it is felt that they will be able to deal with your query/issue most effectively. 

Therefore please do not just send a message asking to speak with a doctor as we will contact you back to find out more details to ensure that we give you the most appropriate appointment, therefore reducing wasted GP appointments.

Minor Eye Conditions

We are also lucky to have a Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS) which is held at Rose opticians.  We advise all patients with new eye conditions to call them for an appointment as they are able to assess efficiently with the required equipment.  They can be contact on 020 8985 1971.

Dental Issues

Please be reminded that you must contact your dentist for dental issues.

If your problem is urgent and they are not able to offer you an appointment they must refer you to a local hub who can treat your urgent condition.

Why do we have a strict system

We have found that we have less missed appointments using this system and therefore we are able to offer more appointments to those that need them. 

Please help us to help you by only requesting an appointment as above and trying some self-care/seeking advice from a pharmacist, if you are able.