Adult immunisations

Along with seasonal influenza immunisation, the NHS offers other immunisations to adults.


People in certain age groups are at increased risk of long-term nerve damage caused by shingles. Ask your doctor or nurse whether you are entitled to vaccination to reduce the risk.

MMR (measles, mumps and rubella)

If you do not know whether you have received 2 MMR immunisations, ask your doctor or nurse whether you should have it. There are currently 5 outbreaks of measles in the UK, and many more in Europe. Measles can kill, cause brain damage, and other dangerous conditions. It is very infectious.


If you do not know whether you have had 5 tetanus immunisations in your life, ask your doctor or nurse whether you should have a catchup booster. Although it is rare in the UK, even with good intensive care, tetanus kill 1 out of every 3 people infected.

Pneumococcal disease

Although pneumococcal vaccine is offered to all babies to reduce the chance of invasive disease causing meningitis, it is also offered to older children and adults who have extra risks, either because of their age, or because of other health conditions they may have. Generally, only one dose is needed.

Whooping cough

14 babies under three months old died of pertussis in 2012, seven died in 2013, and another 18 died between 2013 and 2016, and others are living with the results of infections, which can include brain damage and lung damage. We offer vaccination to all women who are pregnant. Check with your midwife, doctor or nurse about the best timing for this, which must be early enough in pregnancy to allow the baby to get enough protection from the mother’s immunity. When a woman who is pregnant has a whooping cough booster, it also means that she is less likely to pass on whooping cough to any other children, or the new baby.

Immunisation for travel

We normally offer travel appointments. If you are intending to travel, you should book an appointment 8 weeks before departure. If there is no availability, you will need to access advice from a local travel clinic. Many local pharmacists offer this service.

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