Repeat Prescriptions

There are 2 best ways to request medicines which are on your repeat list. The most effective way is to ask your pharmacist to request them for you. You can also use the NHS app, where you can see which medicines can be repeated. If you don’t have a smart phone or would prefer to use a home computer, you can make an NHS account and request your medicines here.

If you want a medicine that is not on your repeat list you can either buy it from a pharmacy or supermarket, or ask one of our pharmacists or doctors or the advanced nurse practitioner to review and discuss with you.

Any repeat medication needs to be reviewed by a doctor, pharmacist or prescribing nurse at least once a year.

Remember to put in your request before you run out! Allow  at least 2 weekdays before collecting your prescription.

We do not take requests for medication over the phone as dangerous mistakes could be made. We no longer take requests through AskMyGP, unless you have an additional query.