Statement of Intent – Information Technology

This statement of intent sets out our plans to provide on-line facilities for our patients by 31st March 2015 in line with the requirements of the national GP Contract.

These facilities are:

  •   The facility to book appointments online
  •   The facility to request repeat prescriptions online
  •   The facility to view basic information from your medical record online
  •   Automated uploads of Summary Care records
  •   Electronic transfer of patient records via GP2GP record transfer

The new requirements are outlined below, together with our current position:

Electronic appointment booking

Practices are required to promote and offer the facility for all patients who wish to book, view, amend, cancel & print appointments on-line

  •   We currently offers the facility for appointment booking on-line 

Electronic requesting of repeat prescriptions

Practices are required to promote and offer the facility for all patients who wish to order on-line, view and print a list of their repeat prescriptions for necessary drugs, medicines or appliances

  •   We currently offer the facility for electronic requesting of repeat prescriptions 

Patient access to view summary information of their GP record on-line

Practices are required to promote and offer the facility for patients over the age of 16 years to view on-line, export or print any summary information from their record, relating to medications, allergies and adverse reactions.

  • We currently offer the facility for patients to view their summary information from their GP record on-line

Automatic uploads of Summary Care Record information

Practices are required to enable automated uploads of any changes made to their patients Summary Care Record (SCR) on a daily basis.

Having your Summary Care Record available will provide key information about medication you may be taking, and any medication that you have a recorded allergy or adverse reaction towards.  This information will only be provided to clinical staff treating you that do not have access to your full medical record.

  • We are currently providing automated uploads of Summary Care Records on a daily basis.
(Please note that automatic SCR uploads will not be provided for patients who have chosen to opt-out of SCR)

GP2GP electronic health record transfers

Practices are required to utilise the GP2GP facility for the transfer of patient records between practices, when a patient registers or de-registers.

The GP2GP facility provides the ability for patient records to be transferred quickly and securely from one practice to the next as a patient re-registers or de-registers & ensures that the patient record can be integrated as appropriate to ensure there is continuity of the record over time.

  •   GP2GP facility has been enabled

Lower Clapton Group Practice is fully compliance with all aspects of this national requirement.