Statements from Lower Clapton clinical staff about the importance of vaccination

“I remember having measles as a child, and how awful I felt hallucinating and itching, intensely ill and miserable. I had all 3 of my children fully immunised ,and was very grateful for the vaccine so they didn’t go through the measles misery. I was shocked when my granddaughter caught measles age 11 months because a ‘friend’s’ child wasn’t immunised. I felt angry with that child’s parents allowing a child who had not been immunised to pass on a potentially deadly or disabling disease to my gorgeous granddaughter who was just too young for her first MMR.”

Dr Clare Highton, GP Partner

“I remember having measles as a child, as we were born before the vaccine was available. My dad was a GP and my mother a nurse, we were all breast-fed and had organic veg from the garden. These things do not protect against vaccine-preventable diseases.

“My brother was so ill with it, and got measles encephalitis (when the virus attacks the brain). I asked my mother, ‘Will he die?’. I don’t want other children to go through that horror.

“My brother has epilepsy from the scarring caused by the virus.”

Heggy Wyatt, Advanced Nurse Practitioner