Guide to booking appointments

Appointments just got easier

Here at Lower Clapton General Practice we’re improving our appointment system. We listen to our patients and it’s with your feedback that we’re sure that we’re making things easier for you – appointments that you need, when you need them.

What’s changed?

More phone consultations

We’re adding more phone consultations. Get in touch on the day that you want a consultation, or before 13:00, and you will be able to arrange this at a time that is convenient to you.

Easier appointment booking (not currently available)
Appointments will be available online and via our new automated phone booking system from midnight every day. We would encourage you to register for online booking but you can still call for a telephone appointment when reception opens.

Face to face appointments which are more appropriate to your needs
If you need to be seen, the doctor will arrange an appointment that day which is appropriate to your needs at the most convenient time. This will allow for longer appointments where needed or it may be with a different member of the team who is better able to meet your needs.

Improved continuity of care
We’re publishing our doctors and nurses calendars online and in reception so that you can see when your regular doctor is in the practice. If you have a preferred doctor or have ongoing problems we would encourage you to call on the day that your usual doctor is in so that we can arrange for an appointment with them.

Extra phone lines
We have added in new phone lines and reorganised reception so that when you call you’ll get through more quickly

Online consultations
We use AskMyGP which allows you to message us via our website rather than needing to call. We would encourage you to make contact with us this way whether you would like administrative advice, need to book an appointment with a Practice Nurse or Health Care Assistant, or need to speak to a doctor or advanced nurse practitioner because of a medical problem.

Quick and easy booking system online
At the moment we can’t offer online booking of appointments as we need to be able to respond quickly to pandemic events. Please use AskMyGP to let us know your clinical needs.

We will keep these changes under review and appreciate any feedback, so please let us know.

The team here at Lower Clapton General Practice hope these changes will improve your experience of our services.